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This Course Include

  • Expert-led lectures covering AI and ML essentials.
  • Practical projects for hands-on skill development.
  • Access to cutting-edge AI tools and software.
  • Engaging discussions and collaboration with peers.
Course Details

Course Details 

Welcome to Syntax Academy's "GenAI - Business Intelligence and Data Management Architect" course! In this comprehensive program, you'll embark on a journey to master the fusion of Artificial Intelligence, Data Management, and Business Intelligence tools. This course offers a roadmap to unlock the power of data-driven decision-making in today's competitive landscape.

What You'll learn

  • Gain an introductory understanding of the course content.
  • Learn to harness the capabilities of Excel formulas with the assistance of ChatGPT.
  • Explore the integration of Artificial Intelligence for dynamic data visualization in Power BI.
  • Develop the skills to construct predictive models tailored for sales and marketing applications.
  • Master the intricacies of Power Query for seamless data manipulation and transformation.
  • Discover how to generate machine learning models effectively using ChatGPT.
  • Acquire techniques for handling missing data and performing data encoding using Python.
  • Explore probability distribution functions with practical applications in Python.
  • Delve into advanced customization options for decision-tree models in Excel with ChatGPT.
  • Engage in market analysis to identify cross-selling opportunities and boost profitability.
  • Understand the concept of LIFT and its significance in marketing analytics.
  • Learn how to leverage ChatGPT to ace job interviews and enhance career prospects.
Through a series of engaging videos and hands-on projects, you'll explore the integration of AI technologies like ChatGPT with popular tools such as Excel and Power BI. From basic concepts to advanced techniques, each module is designed to build your proficiency step by step.

Course Contents

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If you want to upskill yourself in Web Development and E-commerce Automation, this course is for you. The GenAI Web Development and E-commerce Automation course at Syntax Academy helped me utilize AI tools to do my job faster, easier, and better. And it also got me promoted, which is always a plus.


Enrolling in the GenAI Marketing Automation Professional Certification course at Syntax Academy was the best decision I made for my career. It gave me hands-on skills that I could use right away at work. Now, I feel more competent in my role and have even impressed my colleagues with my newfound knowledge. This course is necessary for anyone looking to advance in the marketing industry!


Joining the ChatGPT for Writers course at Syntax Academy was a great decision. It made me better at writing, which helps a lot at my job. Now, I feel more knowledgeable and capable using AI tools to enhance my writing.


After the first course I took at Syntax Academy, I became a subscriber because I could always find something new to learn and grow from. 


ChatGPT has not taken my job; I tricked it to help me do my job better :) Thanks Syntax Academy, for teaching me how to do that.


I'm amazed at how much I've learned and grown since enrolling in Syntax Academy's programs. The knowledge and expertise I've gained have boosted my confidence and set me on a path toward success.


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  • Lack of personalized guidance
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  • Tailored learning paths for individual needs
  • Engaging sessions with expert instructors
  • Cutting-edge curriculum reflecting industry demands
  • Affordable pricing without sacrificing quality
  • Access to a diverse range of courses and specializations
  • Opportunities for hands-on projects and real-world applications



  • Rigid schedules not suited to everyone
  • High-pressure environment leading to burnout
  • Limited flexibility in learning pace and style
  • Potential for financial strain with high tuition costs
  • Less individual attention due to larger class sizes