Syntax English Academy is providing a list of short term courses to meet every student requirements. An advanced grammar and writing course will make you grammatically efficient and will make your writing skills flawless. It focuses on common grammar mistakes that people make. This course stresses on application in the day to day situation and prepares each student to independently handle basic communication.

Course Highlights

  • A complete module will be covered in advanced grammar.
  • Letter writing and formal documentation writing will be taught.
  • Practical sessions for the application of what has been taught will also be provided.
  • A thorough grammar check from basic level will be given.
  • Assessments will be conducted as part of our training to make sure our methods are effective.

Course Details:

Course (Cambridge University Study Material) Hours Days Duration
Advanced 2 Monday to Friday 44  hours
  • What is Advanced Grammar and Writing Course?

It is a course which helps one to learn grammar and also become fluent for corporate purpose.

  • What if I already know grammar?

If you already know grammar then this course will help you to correct the common mistakes that people make and teach you the formal ways of using the language to your advantage.

  • Should I know little grammar before join this course?

No, you don't have to know grammar before you join this course, we will cover from the basics to the advanced level.

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