Short Term Courses


Syntax English Academy offers quick, wide range of short term English courses for students and working professionals throughout the year for professional and academic development.

Effective Speaking Course

Syntax English Academy is offering different level of courses to meet every student requirements. Effective speaking is a course in which you will go through a rapid training of how to build sentences and speak in a flow. It enhances your ability to listen and respond quickly without taking a long duration to frame appropriate replies.

Advanced Grammar & Writing Course

Syntax English Academy is providing a list of short term courses to meet every student requirements. An advanced grammar and writing course will make you grammatically efficient and will make your writing skills flawless. It focuses on common grammar mistakes that people make. This course stresses on application in the day to day situation and prepares each student to independently handle basic communication.

Speaking & Grammar Course

Speaking and Grammar course which will be combined with two skills to produce effectively quick results. This is one of the best courses to opt for, since it has theory which will be combined with practicals.

American Accent Training

English language communication is very important to get success in the career or to get new opportunities and to gain respect in community or work place.

Syntax English Academy is offering American Assent Training which is a combination of three main components intonation (speech music), liaisons (word connections) and pronunciation (sounds of vowels, consonants and combinations). You will also learn grammar, vocabulary of the language. Our goal is to help our learners to accomplish their dream goals.

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