Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Hey hi the 2nd of October 2, it’s Gandhi Jayanthi apart from the fact it’s a government holiday. It also has a great significance which the younger generation seem to have forgotten.

Gandhi Jayanthi is very important day when a very important personality was born. That was our beloved “Baapu”!

Baapu seems to be a vary well known person amongst the children believe me! You would be surprised with the fact that the kids in their preschool known more about Baapu than a college student. Do you ever think why? It’s because Baapu’s beliefs and teachings were very simple which effected small children to a great extent, because every time kids fought

Mom said “what are you doing son?
What did Mahatma Gandhi teach us?
Non Violence!”

As we all must have watched the very well known HINDI movie "Lage Raho Munna Bhai" where our great father of nation is portrayed in the minds of a bunch of youngster as just a guy on the money. He is called "Money Guy" let's ask ourselves this question is he just a money guy today?

Well my friends he's for beyond that, try to get your picture printed on the money and you'll know... You need to be more than a great person... a legend, but Baapu did it! with his mere simple self. His Teaching may definitely be inclined to simple life but he was no simple man of India. The free air that we breathe today is his blessing. All he wanted was a peace full free India fro us. We owe him big!!!


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