English Diploma Course – Syntax English Academy

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The English Diploma Course gives you the opportunity to gain comprehensive knowledge and understanding of important aspects of English. This program introduces the fundamental aspects of English and explains how they should be applied in the target language

The objective of the program is to bridge the gap between the four skills – Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. It is ideal for people who have always wanted to study English language in greater detail, as well as learners who are studying English as a second language. The English language modules cover the fundamentals of grammar, effective speaking, and writing skills.

After completing this course, a student will develop a clear understanding of learning and utilizing English. It will effectively help one take up a career where English is the medium of communication, besides improving one’s own English language skills.

Syntax English Academy is a language school based in Bangalore, India. It’s the best of its kind in the city where we aim to perfect your language skills. Here at Syntax English Academy, we give you an opportunity to learn English for a lifetime. The academy offers an excellent range of courses to suit your needs in the global context.

Learning is fun in Syntax, with students from different cultures coming together to learn one target language. Beside language acquisition we also organize cultural study tours and regular retreats around the country for our students.

We make you linguistically and intercultural competent, and instill in you the assurance to excel in your needs of the learnt skills in college years, professional career, and any other future plans you may have. Academy provides you with successful English Language training that will take you to the next level. We help you build a "Foundation for LIFE".

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