effective speaking

Syntax English Academy is offering different level of courses to meet every student requirements. Effective speaking is a course in which you will go through a rapid training of how to build sentences and speak in a flow. It enhances your ability to listen and respond quickly without taking a long duration to frame appropriate replies.

Course Highlights

  • Constantly assisted by an experienced trainer
  • Opportunity to interact with international students which will improve student communication skills
  • Student will be assessed on a regular basis to ensure growth
  • Customized training to suit student learning style
  • Topics used in these sessions will be directly related to daily life and will create an open mind to adapt any culture across the world
  • Student presentations to create a great level of confidence in oneself

Course Details:

Course (Cambridge University Study Material) Hours Days Duration
Advanced 2 Monday to Friday 44 hours
  • What is Effective Speaking Course?

It is a course which is especially designed by Syntax Academy for people who understand English but struggle to speak fluent English.

  • How can a short term course be effective?

Since many people do not have much time to spend in acquiring such skills, we have done our best to break down the basics of speaking and the key techniques that can be quickly learned by anyone.

  • Why do we recommend this course?

It is less time consuming and produces results which are noticeable. It does not only train you for the time being but it will teach to teach yourself how to speak effectively.

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