Advanced English courses in India

India is gradually becoming the most popular nation for learning English as a second language. Over the past few years the number of international students coming to India has increased dramatically and their sole purpose is to learn and improve their English speaking skills.

Most of the students come to learn basic English speaking, writing and reading but some of them come for advanced English courses. These students are already well equipped with the basic grammar and they want to improve their vocabulary, pronunciation and speaking skills. There are many English teaching academies who offer various kind of courses for these students to help improve their English language skills. The aim of these academies is to teach English in an interactive environment. They do not follow the conventional method of teaching that involves only boring exercises but to make learning as enjoyable as possible which makes the ;earners feel more motivated to progress their studies.

Most of the courses are specially designed for adults looking to improve their proficiency in English. The materials give practical experience to their English abilities. Different seek different kind of courses such as to improve their overall communication, core grammar, take an exam (like IELTS, TOEFL, ETC) or simply to improve their English speaking abilities to develop their personalities.

The students are finding these courses very effective and helpful as there are many options to choose from according to their needs and convenience. Some of the courses offered are:-

English diploma course - it is usually duration of 6 months to 1 year and it focuses on thorough teaching of all the aspects of English language.

Short term courses - these kind of courses should be taken up if the student wants to improve a particular skill such as, grammar, or speaking, accent training, writing, etc.

Certification courses - there are different kinds of certificate courses, such as IELTS, TOEFL,BEC, TOEIC. The students take up these courses to prepare themselves for a particular exam.

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